No-Brainer Meatball Alfredo

Nutrient Dense…Gluten Free…Super Delicious…Not Perfect.  That’s OK!

Organic Ground Pork…rolled into balls but you don’t have to.  You can just brown it up in the pan!  It’s faster.

Gluten Free Rice Noodles

Organic Alfredo Sauce.  Store bought, not perfect, but not bad either.  No belly ache here, so it must have been OK!

Whatever Veggies I had in the fridge…I go for colors.  Something Green, Something Red, Something Orange.  Always garlic and onion!

Whatever Spices you like for the meatballs, or just S&P is fine too!  See Pic below for what I used.

Organic Olive Oil for sauteing veggies.  Enough to generously coat the pan.  Veggies absorbed most of it so I added more…

TBSP and half  sized Meatballs cooked in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes

Veggies sauteed in the pan

Sauce dumped on veggies after they cooked about 8 minutes or until soft but still bright

1/2 Cup Water

Meatballs added to sauce when they were done cooking in the oven and simmered until we were ready to eat.  5-10 minutes maybe

Serve over rice noodles

Top with Parmesan Cheese…I have some cut up salami that we were smacking on, so I threw it on my plate 😉

Taa Daaa!  Yum Yum!!!



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