What if you could communicate with your body’s innate intelligence to find hidden answers to your chronic health concerns? With ACMOS you can!!!

The ACMOS Method is the key that allows us access into the deep, hidden energetic disorders of the body.

The ACMOS Method is based on the theories of:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Quantum Physics
  • Ayurveda

ACMOS stands for: Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy. Special instruments and an elegantly designed protocol allow a trained practitioner (ACMOS Bioenergetician) to measure and correct energetic disruptions in the human body to improve strength, resilience and the natural capacity of self healing. The entire process is guided by instructions from the person’s energetic wisdom. Nothing is left up to guesswork, and every step is measured before and after to ensure successful restoration of the energetic pathways.

ACMOS Lecher Antenna

ACMOS respects the wisdom of the energy body to identify hidden causes of Dis-Ease tangled in inherited patterns and emotional experiences – and to find solutions which resonate with health.

This is all possible due to the brilliant work of Dr. Rene Naccachian

Dr. Rene NACCACHIAN – Creator of the ACMOS Method

The Main Goal is Optimal Cellular Regeneration!

The theory behind the ACMOS Method and the process of the energy balance can be complex and a little hard to explain in few words, however at the end of the day the main goal simply is to optimize cellular regeneration.

Cellular Regeneration

Every healthy cell in our body should vibrate at a certain frequency and have the perfect balance of Yin & Yang, or Cosmo-Telluric energy. If a cell has reached the end of it’s life and cannot hold this balance, it should be eliminated to make room for new healthy vibrant cells. If an imbalanced cell stays beyond it’s expiration date, it can take more energy than it contributes. A cell that is too yin and cannot maintain it’s cosmic vitality will pull energy inward. When you have too much yin energy in an area, this can cause pathological issues, collection, thickening or formation of mass. On the other hand, if you have too much yang energy, you will have inflammation and degeneration as healthy cells become destroyed too quickly.

Through the various steps in the ACMOS protocol, we are able to organize and direct enough yin / yang energy to put the proper amount of pressure on each and every cell in the body to either revitalize and balance healthy cells, or force the light out of the unhealthy cells so they can be eliminated.

As long as we can keep our energy balanced and cellular generation optimized, we can heal and be vital! Our energy pathways can stay open and clear. We can have more control over our genetic predispositions! Our cells can communicate with each other. We can detoxify. We will have more energy to enjoy life, and do the things we love to do with the people we love!

When Cellular Regeneration is Not Optimal…

Low Energy

When our energy is not flowing properly and cellular communication is failing, we can develop mysterious chronic health issues. It can be hard to identify where the problems are originating from using the conventional health model because not all physical health ailments originate in the physical body. With ACMOS we can look beyond the physical body and find disturbances that lie beneath the surface, which can’t be identified in a lab or with an imagining procedure.

Energetic complications can be as a result of stressful life events, negative relationships, trauma, bad habits, toxic exposures or even ancestral memories that have been passed down from generation to generation. These invisible disturbances can eventually manifest as physical symptoms. Through the ACMOS method we are enabled to understand and correct these deep imbalances in the energy fields to help your body restore it’s energetic management and capacity to heal.

Clear Negative Energy

Each cell, organ and system can store information relating to traumatic events in your past which can disrupt the proper function and cell to cell communication within the organ or system. The ACMOS method enables us to identify, neutralize and clear the disruptive information from these areas.

Needle’less Acupuncture Stimulation

Part of the ACMOS protocol incorporates acupuncture point stimulation. When the body is faced with an accumulation of stressors or a traumatic event, it will control the energy flow to maintain global energy balance. This is done by blocking, switching off, slowing down, or by accelerating the energetic currents. This happens at the level of special command points known as acupuncture points. At each level (function, organ or region) the body alerts itself through its energetic circuitry. These alerts, if not promptly restored, can cause pathological disturbances in the physical body. If the brain is overwhelmed or confused sometimes these points get overlooked and are not restored back to their normal state of functioning.

The ACMOS Bioenergetician can assist the restoration of acupuncture points by using a laser stimulator or antenna to open blocked acupuncture points. NO NEEDLES!! Because we can communicate with the person’s innate intelligence via the Lecher Antenna, we have an advantage! We can ask which points are ready to be opened. ONLY the points indicated by the energetic intelligence of the person are stimulated. The body knows which points are safe to reopen and which points are being blocked for a reason. Overriding the body’s intentions can cause problems to be driven deeper and potentially create bigger issues for the person down the road.

Nutrition Balancing

Being that I am a Nutritionist, THIS part of the balance is particularly intriguing and useful to my current Nutrition Clients. Part of the balance includes questioning about nutrition; if the person needs to include more / or less of a particular food group or type of food. Or maybe there is a special type of diet that might be beneficial to that person, such as:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • 5 Element Diet
  • Blood Type Diet
  • Low Histamine

We can also inquire about food sensitivities and which foods are causing problems. With food sensitivities we may be able to harmonize the person with the food so that it doesn’t continue to cause problems.

Environmental Exposures

During a defensive reaction to an environmental exposure (as a coping mechanism) our bodies can create “pressure release valves” or energy leaks to help release tension. These energy leaks can oftentimes present as symptoms. If the brain is overwhelmed with other priorities, it can fail to go back and close the leak after the issue has been resolved leaving an ongoing, unnecessary loss of energy. If you feel drained and fatigued, it is highly possible you have one or more of these energy leaks! Energy leaks are identified and sealed during the balance so you are able to keep more energy for your day to day needs, and top up your energy savings account so you have more strength & resilience to deal with the inevitable stressors of life on this planet.

Through the ACMOS Protocol we can communicate with your body’s intelligence and often-times identify the source or sources of destabilizing environmental exposures in your life! This includes exposures like:

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Mold
  • Infections
  • Toxins coming from food sources or personal care items
  • Negative energy from people
  • Dental Issues
  • Toxicity coming from medications
  • Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Radioactivity
  • Destabilizing energy currents coming from the Earth
  • Etc….

We cannot control everything in our environment, but we can strengthen our resilience against the things we cannot control. With ACMOS we can harmonize ourselves within our environment.

Infections & Detoxification

Certain indicators can give insight into infections and immune function. Throughout the balance process we can strengthen the person’s ability to overcome their infections, or recover from an old infection that might have destabilized them on deeper levels.

With detoxification we can identify and strengthen weak detox functions and help to improve better management and removal of toxic wastes from the body.

Hormone Imbalance

Certain displacements in your energy fields and special indicators in the test kits can indicate a hormone or chemical messaging imbalance. This can be useful knowledge when you are working with your healthcare practitioner on optimizing your health.

Displacements are measured at the beginning of the balance and restored through the protocol. This helps your body to regain more control over your chemical signaling.

ACMOS Trace Elements Indicate Hormonal Disturbances

Personalized WIFI Protection!

Electromagnetic frequencies from technology and appliances can affect us all in different ways. With the lecher antenna we can measure to see if our technology is interfering with our Global Energy Balance. If it is, we can find a harmony that corrects this disturbance and apply it in a manner that neutralizes the specific frequency that is destabilizing to YOU!

Chakra Balance

Through the ACMOS Balance Chakra Balance is restored. In the ACMOS Method Chakra’s are considered regional managers or step down transformers that organize the energy in their area. The cosmic energy enters our body through a point on the top of our heads. This energy is yang in nature and pushes in an outward motion. That energy needs to be balanced & managed by the intelligent telluric energy that comes from the earth. The Chakras work to ensure that all of the cells in their respective region maintain their cosmic-telluric balance.

Instruments used at Happy Tummies

The Lecher ACMOS Antenna is the primary tool of the ACMOS Method. The antenna allows us to communicate with a person’s energetic wisdom, measure energy fields and vibrational quality, as well as detect and regulate disturbing elements that may be detrimental to the harmony or balance of a person.

QUANTACMOS LIGHT STIMULATOR III: Stimulates Acupuncture energy points. Activates energy channels of animal, vegetal and matter which are “disconnected” energetically. Sedates pain areas (hot and inflamed), and dynamizes weak areas (cold and pale).

Quantacmos Laser Stimulator

BIOFEEDBACK ENERGY TESTER “ACMOS 7”: A high-tech instrument which identifies areas of energy blockage or excess within the various energy circuits of the body, measured at the Ting Points.

ACMOS Biofeedback

The ACMOS Test Kit Otherwise known as the Human Fuse Box:) Is a collection of specific natural remedies including; essential oils, minerals, trace elements, herbals, homeopathics and color filters (Chromotherapy). These product are used to identify and restore missing or weak energetic links or harmonies in the person. 

The range and remedy that the person’s energy resonates with indicates the level or type of problem.

ACMOS Valise A.K.A. Human Fuse Box
ACMOS Range of Homeopathic Harmonies

The weak or missing link is then restored, strengthened and/or tuned by the ACMOS techniques of (energy transfer), harmonization or reinforcement using the ACMOS Lecher Antenna.

Watch Below for a Quick Demonstration and Explanation of an ACMOS Energy Balance

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ACMOS is not a medical procedure and an ACMOS Bioenergetician is not a replacement for your medical doctor. An ACMOS Bioenergetician does not diagnose or treat disease. It is always recommended and encouraged to inform your doctor of energy work, nutrition, or lifestyle changes as these changes may effect the needs or doses of medication or treatments.

Hollie Udvornocky, FNTP, ACMOS Bioenergetician

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