Digestive Health & Wellness are attainable when you give your body what it needs!  Schedule your assessment today to find out what that is!

A Functional Approach to Nutrition.

  • Learn which foods and nutrients work best to support your specific needs.
  • Fine Tune your diet and nutritional balance using Hair Mineral Analysis.
  • Identify Toxins, Environmental and Lifestyle factors that might be contributing to your symptoms.
  • Improve the health and function of your digestive system!
  • Receive an Individualized Nutrition Plan designed to bring balance to your body and  address the underlying factors making you sick!

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 My Promise to You.

You will walk away with knowledge and power to positively influence your health, for the rest of your life.


Client Testimonials:

“Happy Tummies, and Hollie have changed our lives forever! My daughter had been battling stomach issues for two years. We had been to three different major hospitals around the southeast with no relief. My daughter met with Hollie several times between November and December last year. Within six weeks of first meeting, stomach issues stopped completely. Full remission! This was done through diet, and diet only. Daughter went from 9 pills a day prescribed by doctors, down to one to make sure she stays in remission.”  Tim S.



I never knew the importance of seeking out a nutritionist until it was my last resort a few months back. I found Hollie at Happy Tummies through a google search. I am forever grateful for her knowledge, patience, and her overall kindness. Thanks to her and my nutritional plan, I am healing better than I ever expected! I am recovering from mold exposure through our Hvac system and a candida overgrowth.





We cannot escape ALL of the toxic burden in our environment, BUT there are many things we can do to reduce our exposure and strengthen our defenses against the things we can’t control.  This includes healthier dietary choices and healthier lifestyle habits.

Happy Tummies Nutritional Therapy is a truly unique experience.  I spend a lot of time and focus on each client as an individual.  This type of personalized care is not something you typically see in most modern health care practices.

There is no “one size fits all” perfect diet!  So, I use my education and experience to design a truly custom nutrition plan tailored to your body’s specific needs.

Common Side Effects of Nutritional Therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • More Energy
  • Better Digestion
  • Clearer Mind
  • Better Sleep
  • Healthier Weight
  • Clearer Skin
  • Vibrancy & Vitality
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Less Pain & Inflammation
  • Improved Detoxification
  • Better Hydration
  • Appreciation for Real Food!
  • Stronger connection to your body
  • And Much More!!!

Lab Testing is Available  

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Highly Recommended!!

  • General Wellness Panel (CMP 14, CBC, Lipid Panel, LDH, GGT, Iron & TIBC, Uric Acid, Phosphorous)

  • Stool Testing – Using Advanced PCR Technology we look at over 84 different microbial and digestive health markers that could be creating havoc in you gut!

  • Urinary Organics Acids Test (OAT) – Looks for metabolites of bacteria, fungus, parasites, neurotransmitter balance, nutritional and metabolic imbalances

  • DUTCH Hormone Testing (Dried Urine) – Comprehensive hormone testing

  • Mold & Biotoxin Illness Panel, etc…

***All Labs are Non-Diagnostic and for informational purposes only***


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My name is Hollie and I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I’ve had digestive issues all my life and as I got older things started getting worse so I decided it was time to figure out why. That decision led me down the path to answer the question “What Makes My Tummy Happy?”.  My personal healing experience taught me more than I ever could have imagined about the connection between nutrition, digestion and our body’s amazing power to heal.  My mission is to share what I’ve learned and help other people have Happier Tummies too.

Please note! I am not a Doctor nor do I treat or diagnose disease.

If you have a health problem that is beyond my scope of practice I will try to help you find an appropriate Doctor or Practitioner. When the time is right, we can revisit Nutritional Therapy or use it as an adjunctive treatment.

I work by investigating the underlying causes of your symptoms and supporting those areas with proper nutrition so your body has the tools it needs to heal, to be healthy and to be vital! The goal is to nourish you back into balance so the symptomatic signals turn off and health can resume.

The content on this site is not intended as medical advice. Always check with your doctor before starting any type of health or nutritional protocol especially if you are being treated for or have been diagnosed with a medical condition.