When the Root Cause of Your Stubborn Gut Problem is Beyond the Physical.

If you’re struggling with your gut health and feel like you keep hitting brick wall after brick wall, it might be time to look a little deeper!

Or if you’re just starting this journey, it would be worth your while to start here!

Are You Holding Stress and Negative Emotions in Your Gut? A lot of us do. Especially the highly sensitive people out there. HSP’s, Empaths…whatever you want to call Us. So let’s talk about this a little bit and I’ll give you some tips on ways you can unpack that emotional suitcase that you’re holding in your Gut!

It makes sense that our emotions affect our gut health because our brains and digestive systems are directly connected. Our gut is an extension of our brain, or maybe our brain is an extension of our gut? During fetal development these two grow together, and are electrically wired together via the vagus nerve which manages our parasympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic is the calming “rest and digest” limb of our autonomic nervous system, whereas the sympathetic limb is our “fight or flight mode”.

If you imagine that our brain is like an antenna receiving information, and that information gets broadcast and processed through the gut. It’s quite logical to understand where the “Gut Feeling ” phenomenon comes from. This is a grossly simplified explanation of the Gut Brain Axis “GBA”.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years with a range of different types of gut health issues such as; IBS, Acid Reflux, Leaky Gut, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, MALT Lymphoma, Gas, Bloating, Pancreatitis, Chronic Constipation, Microcytic Colitis…you name it!

In Holistic or Functional Wellness, we’re always searching for the “Root Cause”

I love puzzles, and I love my clients so I go really deep into investigating each client’s presentation looking at food quality, digestive function, microbial balance, toxicity, food sensitivities, food allergies, lifestyle, health history, family history, genetics etc…

What drives me crazy is that with some people we can pinpoint physical issues, find ways to support them and they get better, or greatly improve! But with some people no matter how many tests they run, no matter what they eat, or what probiotics, supplements & anti-inflammatory or healing herbs they take, or what they do to reduce their toxic load, they just don’t get any relief! Because they had not found their root cause!

They felt energetically “off”

Being an Empath myself, I started to notice a common thread in that the people with the most stubborn of cases felt energetically “off” to me. I began to recognize at the very first visit with these people that, I might need something more than what I had in my tool box in order to help them. There was definitely something deeper going on.

I felt like the root cause of their problems ran deeper than the physical body.

Because of this I started paying more attention into stress reduction methods like meditation, deep breathing, spirituality, prayer, essential oils, grounding, time in nature, forgiveness & energy balance. And really spending more time working to impart the importance of this to my clients. I also partnered up with a wonderful Health Coach to help our clients realistically incorporate this piece of health into their daily habits.

We are by the way, spiritual, electrical and biochemical beings. So why not pay attention to what’s happening on all of the levels? Holistic Wellness is all about Mind, Body & Soul.

The next couple of paragraphs will outline just a few ways you can support yourself on these deeper levels and possibly identify these deep invisible root cause issues!!!

Deep Breathing Reduces the Stress Hormone Cortisol

It has been studied that breath work reduces cortisol levels and helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system…hello vagus nerve!

Cortisol is a stress hormone. When regulated and in balance it can have anti-inflammatory effects in the body. But, when’s it’s excessive can produce the opposite….inflammation. Cortisol release sets off a chain of signaling events from the brain to the different types of cells and microbes in our guts and has direct and indirect affects on various functions; immune, neuronal, hormonal. Cortisol also influences the actions and balance of our intestinal microbiome! Our microbes help us make mood stabilizing chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA.

What’s interesting is that the HPA AXIS (Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis) which is the main adaptive stress response system, is part of the Limbic System in the brain which is involved in memory and emotional responses.

I think we’ve stablished the gut brain connection….this is a great piece if you want to really geek out! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4367209/

I had one particularly stressful day a while back and my tummy started to hurt in that old familiar “Gut Flare Up” kind of way. It got really bad so I laid down on my massage table and started taking inventory of everything I ate and what supplements I recently took, when I realized that I was holding my breath. So, I did what I recommend to my clients and started to do some deep breathing. I took deep breaths all the way into my belly watching it go up and down with each breath. Sure as sh**t within a couple minutes I had no more pain! The flare up was completely avoided! I tell this story at almost every Initial Interview with new clients. This is something easy we can all be doing throughout the day!

Support your Gut Health with ACMOS Energy Balancing

Let me introduce you to ACMOS Energy Balancing! There is nothing else like ACMOS! ACMOS works on the electrical & energetic body. Using the ACMOS Lecher Antenna we can extract information about hidden imbalances deep within our energy reserves.

ACMOS aims to identify areas of blocked energetic flow that are ready to be restored and facilitates their reconnection and balance using acupuncture point stimulation and resonance from different ranges of natural products such as Essential Oils, Minerals, Trace Elements, Herbs, Color Therapy and Homeopathic products.

In ACMOS a symptom is considered a physical manifestation of a chain of reactions stemming from an imbalance within our energy fields.

There is no other way, that I know of, to access this level of specific information. Talk about finding the root cause? There is no lab test, or brilliant logically thinking human brain that can link together the chain of events (to the date of the initial event) of some of the cases I’ve worked with!

Sometimes the triggering event can be something traumatic like the death of a loved one, or a bad argument in a toxic relationship. Sometimes the root cause can be an environmental exposure that wasn’t necessarily toxic, but the person’s brain perceived it as a threat and triggered a defensive response strong enough to “blow an energetic fuse” that created a loss of coherence in their energy flow, destabilizing their energetic foundation.

How else would anyone ever figure this out?

Restoration of that imbalance allows the body to recover it’s homeostatic control so it can find its own way to back to health.

Our energy body is very sensitive to stress in our lives and environment. In an effort to protect us, our bodies will shift and block certain electrical circuits to help us protect our important organs and functions. Because we have not adapted to this new level of toxic stress in this modern world, our brains can become confused or distracted and forget to go back and restore normalcy to the areas that required shifting at a certain point in time.

Negative memories can also be stored in our energy fields, in our cells, tissues, organs, functions and systems as part of this adaptation response. This includes our GUTS!! Holding onto negativity can disturb our energy balance and cause inflammation and or stagnation to the areas that have been disturbed. It makes sense that this stored negativity could send stress signals to the brain and thus set off the HPA Axis as mentioned above.

Wouldn’t you like to know if you are holding onto old “baggage” in your gut or other organs? Wouldn’t you like to unload that baggage and throw it in the trash? With ACMOS we can do just that. We can neutralize signals from those stored negative memories and extract them from our cells, tissues organs and functions. We can also identify infections, toxicity and other factors in our lives that may be contributing to our poor gut health.

The end results is centered, balanced, flowing energy to all areas and circuits of the body, reconnection to our energetic bank account, optimized cellular regeneration, optimized detoxification and restored capacity for healing! And, sometimes additional insight that may guide more precise investigation into more superficial or physical imbalances and problems within our day to day lives and environment. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea??

Kelee Meditation

By Ron Rathbun

Since we’re talking deep, I should mention this style of meditation developed by Ron Rathbun. Kelee Meditation can also help you to unpack negativity from deep within your energy fields known as your Kelee. Kelee translates to receptacle or vessel in Greek and Hebrew, and it’s origin dates back about three thousand years in ancient Sanskrit.

With this simple 5 minute exercise of “one pointed stillness” you can strengthen your conscience awareness and start to become more aware of how your thoughts & feelings influence your life, pin point where your negative compartmentalized thoughts and memories are being stowed away and dissipate them so they do not negatively influence your life, and your body. Again, many of us hold these negative compartments, especially the deepest and most painful, in the gut of our “vessel”.

By letting go of these unnecessary “compartments”, we can free up space within us that allows us to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in our lives and in the world, unencumbered by misperception and unnecessary pain. This is where we can grow and flourish as a human and spiritual being! This is also where we can open up our capacity to heal.

If you do the practice consistently, you will start to notice that things that used to bother you or trigger negative emotions don’t anymore.

I know this from personal experience.

Good thoughts and feeling are healing. Bad thoughts and feeling are destructive. I told you this was deep!

These are just a few personally tried and true methods that might help you on your Gut Health Journey! Most people start this journey focusing outward and using logic to try to solve their physical symptoms, but in my experience, I truly believe that a better approach is to start by looking inward from the very beginning. Even if the problem is more superficial, you will benefit from the clarity to find your way, and the energetic potential to help you heal. I hope it is helpful information to you!

Hollie Udvornocky, FNTP, Certified ACMOS Bioenergetician

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