Nutrition Balancing with Hair Analysis

How Can a Simple Hair Test Help You Reach Your Health Goals?

Stop guessing which Diet is right for you!  Get a Metabolic Blueprint with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis!

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can show you how your body is using food for fuel.  Knowing this information can help you determine which foods are going to be more suited to your body’s metabolism.

Don’t just jump on the latest diet craze.  If the diet is not suited to your metabolism, it can cause more harm than good.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a non invasive biopsy of a small sample of hair. This test is recognized worldwide as an accurate way to measure 21 minerals present in the hair. Minerals are “the spark plugs of life” and are needed for most, if not all metabolic reactions in our bodies. The minerals deposited into the hair can provide a window into our metabolic function and can also reveal a presence of toxic minerals (A.K.A. Toxic Heavy Metals).  A properly interpreted HTMA can provide a trained practitioner a metabolic blueprint to help customize nutritional protocols based on each person’s unique biochemistry. Progress can be easily tracked with repeat tests at a cost that is very reasonable. Everyone should do an HTMA!.

Why do some people do great on High Fat Diets like Keto, Paleo or Primal, when other people do better with Plant Based Diets and more Carbs?

It has to do with how fast the body converts food into energy.  Mineral patterns on an HTMA can show you whether you have a fast burning metabolism, or a slower metabolism.  Choosing the right fuel for your metabolism will provide you with sustained energy and help you regulate your weight.  The key to finding your perfect diet is in your hair!

Watch annoying and mysterious symptoms start to vanish when your body has what it needs to heal.

Our bodies perform billions of health sustaining tasks for us everyday! They need certain tools and an energy supply to get the job done.  When materials are in short supply, or when energy is not optimal, the body will start to complain in the form of symptoms.

Replenish the supply, provide usable fuel for energy and watch those complaints subside!

An HTMA can pick up on negative health trends before they become bigger health issues.

Why wait until you’re sick to start paying attention to your health!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin 

If you’re already sick, a properly interpreted HTMA can provide clues to help support your body’s natural healing processes.

Detoxify Toxic Heavy Metals Safely using HTMA!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can help identify Toxic Heavy Metal Burden, and provide you with information that will help guide your detoxification efforts gently and without causing further nutritional imbalances.

Support Digestion and Healthy Histamine Levels with HTMA

Certain Mineral levels and ratios can reveal information about your digestive health, nutrient absorption, and help you identify factors involved in histamine intolerance.

Learn Natural ways to Manage Your Stress with HTMA

An HTMA can show you how YOUR body is dealing with stress.  We all deal with our stress differently, so knowing how your stress is affecting you at a biochemical level can help guide you in your efforts to support your mind, body and soul.

Track Your Progress

How do you know if all your efforts are paying off?  The most important measurement is how you feel!  That is the first thing I look at in my assessments and re-evaluations. BUT sometimes the road back to health can be confusing.  Sometimes healing can feel uncomfortable as your body takes care of some repairs and deferred maintenance.  So it’s nice to see some tangible evidence of where your efforts are taking you and to know when it’s time to make adjustments to your diet, supplement and lifestyle protocol.

Our bodies are always changing, so it’s important to know how to support ourselves during these shifts, and through our different seasons of life.  An HTMA can help you monitor these changes.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is Affordable.

Most functional tests are pricey and typically you need a few of them to get to the heart of your health concerns…especially if your issues don’t fit into a conventional medicine model.  To track progress, you have to fork that money out again and again to see if your treatment is actually working.  I ran into this issue myself many times!  And ran out of money…many times!

HTMA is affordable which makes follow-ups and tracking progress doable for most every budget!

I love HTMA for all of the wonderful information it can provide, at a price point that me and my clients can afford to do over and over again!

I do not know of any other test that can provide you with as much useful information about your health at this price!

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health and Find the Right Diet for YOU?  Wht are you waiting for…?


***Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is non diagnostic and should not be construed as a medical diagnosis.  Recommendations based on your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis are not medical advice and should not be construed as such.  Changes to your diet, supplement or lifestyle habits should always be discussed with your doctor or medical professional prior.  By taking actions based on the recommendations derived from your hair tissue mineral analysis, you are assuming full responsibility for any physical, mental or health related outcomes having to do with or related to your hair tissue mineral analysis and/or nutritional consult now and in the future.  ****

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