Walda L, Bluffton SC

Hollie was so thorough in her follow-up of the information and supplement guide, I was amazed. There is so much information to absorb and this allows me to go back and review as many times as I need to. I have made many changes to my diet and other recommendations made. In just this short time, I have already noticed a positive difference. Thank you so much, Hollie

Happy Client, Bluffton

I never knew the importance of seeking out a nutritionist until it was my last resort a few months back. I found Hollie at Happy Tummies through a google search. I am forever grateful for her knowledge, patience, and her overall kindness. Thanks to her and my nutritional plan, I am healing better than I ever expected! I am recovering from mold exposure through our Hvac system and a candida overgrowth.

Happy Client, Hilton Head

“I was feeling depleted and eating healthy was just not enough….I knew I needed supplements and did not want to guess what I needed so I took a friend’s referral and called Happy Tummies of The Lowcountry.  I made an appointment, received an assessment, and from there able to get clear directions in what my body needed.  It has been a month and I can feel a real difference.  I am not overeating, no longer feeling depleted and as a bonus I am sleeping better.  Thank you Hollie for your knowledge and expertise that probably saved me a lot of time, money and lost energy in guessing what I needed.”

Happy Client, Hilton Head

Anonymous, Hilton Head”

“How would you rate the overall care you received on a scale of  1-10?   10

Did Happy Tummies address your health goals and concerns?  Yes

Did the services provided by Happy Tummies meet or exceed your expectations:  Yes

Did you learn something of value about Nutrition? Yes

Do you feel that this experienced has made a positive impact on your life?  Yes

Would you recommend Happy Tummies of The Lowcountry to a friend or relative? Yes

Additional Comments:  Hollie is Dedicated and Super Professional!  

Anonymous, Hilton Head”

D.B., Beaufort, SC

Hollie helped me to get back on track after having a baby. She not only helped me to shed a few lbs , but also with a lot of stomach issues, and was very in tune to the ways my body would react. I have learned a great amount, and am confident my new nutritional knowledge will have long lasting, positive affects on my health. Feeling better than I have in a long time!   ~D.B., Beaufort, SC

Happy Client, Savannah GA

I have been trying to figure out the right diet, nutrition and supplementation for exactly 20 years. Right after graduating from law school in 97, I started searching for a solution to the fatigue and foggy brain I was starting to experience. Over the years, I have tried everything from Eating Right for your Blood Type to the Raw Food Diet, juicing and water fasting. After following Hollie’s direction, I have so much less fatigue, joint pain and inflammation. I have also started to have more energy and clarity/focus. Hollie is far more knowledgeable than any other Nutritional Therapist I have ever worked with. I am not only feeling better physically, but because she takes the time to explain in layman’s terms the root cause of my symptoms and how supplementation and diet supports those areas of concern, I feel far less panic and anxiety with regards to my health. I cannot wait to see how my health continues to improve with Hollie’s direction and guidance.

Tim S.

“Happy Tummies, and Hollie have changed our lives forever! My daughter had been battling stomach issues for two years. We had been to three different major hospitals around the southeast with no relief. My daughter met with Hollie several times between November and December last year. Within six weeks of first meeting, stomach issues stopped completely. Full remission! This was done through diet, and diet only. Daughter went from 9 pills a day prescribed by doctors, down to one to make sure she stays in remission.”  Tim S

Lynn T. Hilton Head, SC

“Most people are not comfortable leaving the “comfort” of traditional medicine to get to a place of better health and well-being. Most people want insurance to pay for practitioner visits and will not spend the time or out-of-pocket money to venture outside the box to someone like Hollie who will really listen to your concerns, thoroughly review the questionnaire she gives you about your health, and prepare to see you before you arrive for your first appointment! Hollie does ALL these things and more. I came to Hollie not because I was sick or had a serious health concern but because I am a self-prescribed carbohydrate/sugar addict, had some digestive issues, inability to lose ten stubborn pounds of body fat, and because I struggle with general anxiety, and sleep concerns. I had been following a mostly Paleo/Gluten FREE diet for nearly a year and noticed improvement in my overall well-being. I wanted someone to help me sift through all the conflicting information and help me figure out what other changes I need to make to keep feeling well. Hollie did all that for me. Hollie validated that my eating habits were on the right track and provided me with education about nutrition, how my body functions, WHY some things were happening and recommended supplementation. She used an evidence-based, functional approach to determine my health potential and then created a format for the nutritional and lifestyle changes that I needed to make. She did not diagnose a disease or put me in a box based on my symptoms. Hollie addressed the root cause of my issues so that I can make progress and heal with real food. She suggested supplementation and did not try to sell me anything. She gave me sound evidence and reasons to support her supplementation recommendations. Hollie is very accommodating, pleasant to work with, knowledgeable and caring. If you are sick of the latest fad diet and cookie cutter eating program, I highly recommend Hollie and Happy Tummies to you. Hollie will create a tailored protocol that is as individual as you are.”  Lynn T. Hilton Head, SC