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Today it is necessary to offer services of better quality than ever before in each area. Foot care and pedicure no longer mean just cutting the toenails, filing the thickened skin, and applying the nail polish. A good pedicurist must be an artist who literally helps his or her clients to get back on their feet, whether he or she uses classical pedicure or instrumental pedicure. Besides, a good pedicurist must use all the latest cutting-edge foot care technologies available to offer the best service possible.

What is the Therapeutic dry pedicure??

Therapeutic dry pedicure is among the worldwide leaders in the technology field of foot care rated number one. It has high demands for quality treatments, sterile environments, and offers additional related services.
Therapeutic dry pedicure is performed without soaking the feet in what could be contaminated water;the procedure itself is done using specialized podiatry equipment that was suited to pedicurist needs and demands. Sharp cutting tools (scissors, forceps, scalpel, etc.) are not used; the whole procedure is performed by special diamond equipment that is sterilized after each use.
Therapeutic dry pedicure is therefore absolutely painless, it is a physiologically the most natural way to remove thickened and dry skin; it also prevents from crack and blisters from forming. Sterile environment that we have while performing this service guarantee safe treatment for anyone even for someone that is suffering from some king of fungal (mycosis) or nail disease.

Therapeutic dry pedicure is very safe for diabetics because there are no risks of injury and the procedure is very gentle.
Our customers expect from us to be effective and knowledgeable advisers in this field and they also expect an opportunity to be treated with the latest and the safest techniques and equipment available in comprehensive foot care.

Tools and equipment

The device used during Therapeutic dry pedicure is a special instrument with a micro electromotor. It rotates in both directions, with speed of 5000 to 25000 rotation per minute. It’s silent, digitally controlled, with a three stages of suction. While sanding opening in the tube sucks the skin particles and dust from sanding, this helps with the cleanliness of the treatment. Device and instruments used in this procedure are manufactured by companies in the field of medicine, dentistry in particular. They are classified according to material used: carbide, heavy metal, and diamond. After each procedure the device and all used instruments are sterilized and disinfected in hot air sterilizer just like the one hospitals use in surgery rooms. In addition to the sterilization and disinfection, ultrasonic cleaners are also used for assurance of perfect cleanliness.

The basic procedures and treatment

First we examine the feet: checking the feet, toenails and toenail walls. Next, disinfection of the feet, using potent solution against wide spectrum of microorganisms, and rinsing the feet in case the feet are excessively soiled.
The procedure itself starts with toenail treatment, using individual routers selected according to particular length and thickness of the toenail, followed by shortening and smoothing out the nail plate as needed. Next comes the cleaning and treatment of the nail walls, followed by treatment of the area on foot itself, calluses, corns, and thickened and dry skin.
At the end, a gentle massage of the feet is provided. The whole treatment takes about 40-50 minutes, depending on the state of the feet.

Further treatment options

Treatment of a toenail thickened as a result of fungal disease is done with equipment designed especially for this treatment, filing the toenail plate gently and adjusting it to the desired shape.

Treatment of overgrown toenail using appropriate gentle filing of the toenail plate; pain immediately subsides and this procedure can prevent the necessity of the toenail removal as well as a number of potential problems associated with the removal.

Stretching of the toenails in case of ingrown toenail. Stretcher is a special plastic-coated hygienic steel strip. After an easy painless application it is presumed that the deformed toenail starts growing correctly in the toenail bed. This technique is used in cases when the basic treatment was not effective enough.

Removing corns, treatment of calluses and cracked skin on feet. Filing of the skin is pleasant, perfect, and does not cause the injury or breach the skin’s integrity.

Partial replacement of the toenail plate in the event of problems such as broken toenail, missing part of the toenail plate due to an accident, and so on. Using toenail prosthesis, it is possible to adjust the nail plate the way that the toenail defect will not be detectable; it is also expected that with the help of more treatment it will grow properly.

Individual silicone correctors are used to correct the distortion of the toes, like different types of bunions (Hallux valgus, Digits malleus), or interspersed pinky toe. Correctors are manufactured using the silicone material that is highly elastic and tear resistant. It can be filed to the desired shape and it is comfortable to wear. It is dermatologically safe and the importance is placed on the individual modeling accuracy for a given deformity. The corrector does not replace professional treatment, but offers a solution to relieve pressure and pain.

Why Choose the Therapeutic dry pedicure??

Therapeutic dry pedicure is performed without sharp instruments, which ensures a bloodless treatment. It is done without soaking, which is 100% safe in terms of transmission of infectious skin diseases.

Even with maximum emphasis on hygiene in traditional pedicure there is always a possibility of transmission of fungal diseases, hepatitis, or AIDS. Therapeutic dry pedicure eliminates these risks due to the safe treatment and sterile environment. Unlike the traditional pedicure, Therapeutic dry pedicure is suitable for people with diabetes, children, and patients with fungal nail and skin disease. Another reason to choose the dry medicinal pedicure is the high level of professionalism with a connection to the podiatry care.

Treatment is performed by a specialist in the field, who will offer an aftercare treatment recommendation, recommend appropriate products, and in collaboration with experts will help address specific health problems.

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