Hi!  I’m Hollie and I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapist in Bluffton SC with a Passion for Digestive Health & Holistic Wellness.

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I live in Bluffton SC and am a Mom to the coolest nine year old boy ever and partner to the most wonderful, multi talented, loving and supportive man alive!  I also have two really awesome bonus children that I cannot take biological credit for, but I love them just the same:)  These guys are the inspiration that makes me want to be the best I can be and feel the best I can feel because otherwise… I could not keep up with them!

I was inspired to become a Nutritionist because of my own struggles with Digestive Health. 

I’ve had a Not-So-Happy Tummy all my life, and as I got older it became more and more unhappy.  It wasn’t just my tummy that was giving me problems.  At one point I started noticing what seemed like a new symptom every day.  

Constipation, Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Eczema, Hair Loss, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Etc…

I was only 34 and I felt like I was falling apart at the seams.  My tummy hurt everyday, I had very little energy, I started getting itchy eczema on my hands, my hair was falling out in handfuls, I had terrible mood swings, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, blood sugar issues, and I couldn’t even go on vacation with my family because I felt so bad.  

I had an intuitive feeling that all of these problems were somehow connected but I had no idea how or where to start looking.

If you are reading this you might relate to the hopeless feeling of walking away from another doctor appointment feeling more confused than ever!  OR with a prescription for another drug that just makes you sicker.  My favorite doctor quote was “There’s nothing wrong with you”.  Or “Nobody really knows why that happens so here’s a shot of cortisone and some birth control pills”.  REALLY???  No thanks!  

It’s really scary when you feel like you’re going to die and nobody can figure out what is wrong with you!  

I felt very alone because the people around me didn’t understand and sometimes I felt like maybe they didn’t believe me.  Maybe they thought I was making all of this up??

My son asked me one day “Mommy if your tummy doesn’t hurt today will you play with me?”.  

That totally broke my heart! I came to the conclusion that this is my life, my body and nobody will care for it better than me so I need to figure this out on my own.  

One day I stumbled upon an interesting article on Gut Health and Nutrition

I’ve always had a strong interest in nutrition and I knew there had to be something I could do naturally to feel better, so I started devouring every bite of information I could find on natural remedies for improving gut health.  

What I learned was that most, if not “All Disease Begins in the Gut!” Just like Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago.

I tried a lot of different diets, supplements and protocols all of which had some effect…some good…some not so good!  I did make progress but I was still suffering.  There were missing links that I didn’t know how to address and I knew it was going to take some education and a deeper understanding about what’s really going on under the skin in order to figure it out.  

That acknowledgement was what lead me to the Nutritional Therapy Association.

The course was intense and amazing!!  It was a life changing experience and I learned so much more about health and nutrition than I bargained for!  It also solidified for me that this is what I was meant to do with my life.

Since receiving my certificate in 2016, I’ve continued on with my education and tireless research.  I have completed courses on Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis, MTHFR, Methylation and Biochemistry.  I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge and experience with Lyme Disease and Mold & Biotoxin Illnesses.

I now have a means to help other people who, like me, are more inclined to a Natural Approach to Health.

All of my clients can expect the same undying persistence into helping them, as I put into solving my own health mystery

I Got My Life Back!

My tummy feels better, I have energy again, most of my mystery symptoms have either disappeared or drastically improved.  36 years of damage takes time to heal but I am well on my way and feel like I have my life back!

For me, a Happy Tummy makes a Happy Mommy!

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 If you are looking to improve your Gut Health or are looking for Natural Solutions to other health complaints, please contact me today for a FREE 20 minute consultation!



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