Functional Nutrition Combined with Health Coaching!

Happy Tummies Functional Nutrition in collaboration with Wellness Garden Coach!

The 4-Month REBOOT Program that will TRANSFORM YOU!!

A functional approach to nutrition coupled with health coaching to help you determine the best diet and lifestyle choices AND the support you need to guide you through your transformation of adopting your new, healthier and sustainable habits!

Functional Nutrition focuses on achieving balanced health through a Comprehensive Assessment Process and Advanced Testing, to identify the healthiest foods, right nutrients and lifestyle habits to support the uniqueness of each person.

When working with Hollie Udvornocky, Functional Nutritionist, the first 2 sessions will include:

  • Health History, Symptom Analysis, Food Journal Review, Functional Lab Review
  • Learn which foods and nutrients work best to support your specific needs.
  • Fine tune your diet and nutritional balance
  • Learn how you can improve the function of your digestive system!
  • Identify Toxins, Environmental and Lifestyle factors that might be contributing to your symptoms.

The next 5 sessions will be working with Karen Croll, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, to help you incorporate the recommendations Hollie creates for you into your life, and guide you through successfully attaining your Health Goals! These sessions will cover:

  • Access to the Practice Better system where all program materials, forms, agreements, communications and documents reside.
  • Support in the Realistic Application of your recommendations based on your Functional Nutrition Assessment Findings
  • Weekly Email Support: To hold you accountable and provide you lots of love and encouragement when you need it!
  • Delicious suggested nutrient-dense meals and a shopping list to make life easier for you!
  • Education – Understand primary and secondary foods and how to maintain balance between the two.
  • Regain control of your mindset.
  • Tips and Tricks to clean up your food choices and lifestyle.
  • Learn intuitive eating that is unique to your body.
  • Help finding joy in movement.
  • Build healthy habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your years.
  • Build a deeper relationship with yourself and your body.

And the final session will be with both of us to include:

  • Progress Review
  • New Symptom Analysis
  • Follow up labs, if indicated
  • Strategy – Talk about next steps
  • Celebrate!!

To experience faster results, it is highly recommended that you add Juice Plus+ products to this program. By adding 30-45 concentrated whole fruits and vegetables each day, your body will have the opportunity to fight off inflammation and obesity, build your immune system, protect you from oxidative stress and improve insulin resistance.

It’s all about how you see health and view life.

  • Eating healthy, fresh, and natural foods isn’t a punishment for the life you’ve led until now – it’s an investment in your future.
  • Fresh, nutrient-packed fruits, vegetables, and lean meats (if you like meats) aren’t boring and tasteless – they’re food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, without all the processing, additives, added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives crammed in.
  • Supplements are not a waste of money if you know which ones are proven to be good for your body.
  • Movement is critical for body and mind – it isn’t punishment for your body, and it has many benefits other than losing weight.
  • Taking time for you isn’t selfish, it’s vital self-care!

You need to get to a mental state where you understand what’s good for your body and choose to embrace it.

You can transform the way you look and feel, by changing the way you think and understand the way your body works!

This 4-MONTH ADVANCED NUTRITION 360° Program will get you on the right track to changing your relationship with your own body and mind for the rest of your life!