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I don’t like to give all my secrets away.   Like how wise I am;) So those silvery, wiry, grayish wisdom highlights growing out of my head get covered up…Stat!

Boxed Hair Dye

I used to use the boxed dyes from the drugstore but stopped after becoming “wiser” about how toxic they are.  Especially the brunette colors as they contain more of the questionable chemicals which make the pigments develop into the darker color.  There are reports that suggest some of the chemicals are carcinogenic and some studies have shown that hairdressers and barbers have a 50% higher risk of bladder cancer.

I maybe used a box twice per year so I don’t really know how much of a toxic burden I was adding to myself but considering how crappy I felt all of the time, I didn’t want to deliberately add anything else questionable.  Especially directly to my scalp to be absorbed into my bloodstream (less than a centimeter away from my already foggy brain), through my liver and down my not-so-happy tummy tube.  It just didn’t seem like a very “wise” thing to do.

Henna Hair Dye

Henna is a botanical, non toxic dye that bonds with your hair and conditions while it colors.  Henna refracts light so it makes your hair look really shiny.

I use the Auburn Henna Hair dye from Henna Color Lab on my dark brown hair and it leaves my hair looking thicker, shinier, softer AND covers up those secret wisdom highlights.  It richens my natural color and livens it up with a pretty reddish tint.  Plus it lasts longer than the boxed dyes!

There are other brands of Henna available and I’ve tried a few.  This one is the easiest, least complicated and most effective that I’ve found.

They offer a colorless Henna that is intended for conditioning only as well as some other natural conditioning & detoxing treatments.

Don’t Take My Word for it!

Before you dump another box of dye onto your head I encourage you to do some research first.  You are worth it!

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