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Happy Tummies of The Lowcountry is proud to offer CBD Oil from HempMeds!


When it comes to CBD Oil, Quality Counts!

As the first mainstream distributor of CBD in the U.S., HempMeds literally blazed the trail for the emerging CBD industry, setting the standard for quality, purity and commitment to excellence!


HempMeds products are made from organically grown, Non GMO hemp, without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

Some of the main things I love about HempMeds Products are:

  1. Their CBD oils are extracted without the use of harsh chemical solvents.
  2. They use all natural ingredients.
  3. They use Non GMO Hemp grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic herbicides!!
  4. Their products go through a Triple Check process at various phases of the production process to ensure against contamination.
  5. This is not a Multi-Level Marking Company.
  6. They care!!!

***Don’t trust your health to any old Snake Oil Peddlers!!***


How Would You like Your CBD?

Anyway you like it!

HempMeds offers lots of options for your CBD!  You can chose from a variety of different CBD applications, deliveries, strengths and price points.

  1. You can have it straight, maintaining the natural compounds and different cannabanoids found in the hemp plant.
  2. You can have it decarboxylated, which is a gentle heating process that increases the amount of CBD, and with added MCT oils for improved absorption.
  3. You can get it prepared with cinnamon and peppermint oils in their Dixie Botanical Line
  4. You can get it in a Salvation Balm to massage into sore muscles
  5. You can get it in crystal Isolates 99% CBD which is a super concentrated powder
  6. You can indulge in a chocolaty late afternoon “pick me up” with their Dixie Kick edibles
  7. You can make it part of your daily beauty regime with their Cannabis Beauty products
  8. You can take a bath in it and even wash and condition your hair with their Cibaderm products!

The CBD Shampoo from HempMeds’ Cibaderm product line was featured in HighTimes.com Top Ten Best CBD Products!

10 Best CBD Products Of 2017


Just to set the record straight… No!  CBD doesn’t get you high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non psychoactive phytochemical, unlike it’s “stoney” neighbor THC.  Trace amounts of THC may be present in the product, but it is not enough to create a psychoactive effect.  If this is still a concern for you….

HempMeds Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X contains the least amount of THC currently possible in any CBD oil product.

This is one of the MANY products available by HempMeds and has been a popular choice among athletes, first responders, people who may be subject to drug testing and parents who are using CBD for their children.


RSHO Isolate 99% CBD is another option and has little to no measurable amounts of THC.

Fact:  CBD can reverse some of the psychoactive effects of THC.

Buzz Killer…hehehe 😉


We are actually wired for CDB!!

CBD stimulates the Endocannabanoid System.

The endocannabanoid system is a recently discovered, signalling network of receptors that are stimulated by cannabanoids which are made in our bodies based on demand.

The endocannabanoid system helps to regulate various different biological processes and functions such as  regulation of appetite, immune system functions, sleep patterns, appetite and pain management.

Possible uses for CBD Oil :

  1. Auto Immune Conditions
  2. Crohn’s Disease
  3. Ulcerative Colitis
  4. Anxiety
  5. Insomnia
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Cancer
  8. Migranes
  9. Alzheimer’s
  10. Parkinson’s
  11. Rheumatoid Arthiritis
  12. Viral Infections

And the list goes on…..


Another Fun CBD Fact:

Did you know that cannabanoids are present in Breast Milk!  These CBD’s bind to cannabanoid receptors in infants that are responsible for triggering the suckling reflex as well as stimulating appetite.


One Last CBD Fun Flax…I mean fact!

Cannabanoid-like compounds are also found in flax!   These compounds are capable of activating some specific cannabanoid receptors related to immunity and inflammation!


My Favorite use for CBD is Autoimmunity.

When I’m working with a client with an autoimmune condition, one of the first things that comes to mind is CBD!

CBD has a possitive effect on the immune cells that help to regulate immune responses.  These cells are called T regulatory cells, or TREG cells, for short.  In autoimmunity, the immune system is essentially over-reacting to a threat or “perceived” threat and can cause damage to our own cells, tissues or organs.  TREG cells help to calm down these reactions.


CBD Oil and Cancer

CBD Oil has shown great potential in cancer management.  Cannabanoids have known anti-proliferative effects on cancer cells which means that they may help to keep cancer from spreading throughout the body!  They also have certain functions that helps cancer-compromised cells realize that there is a problem and “self destruct”.  This is called apoptosis.

Cannabanoids have also been shown to interfere with cancer tumors’ ability to create their own blood supply, which basically feeds them and helps them to grow.


I encourage you to do your own research and learn more about the possible benefits of CBD Oil!


****If you are taking prescription medication I strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor and pharmacist before starting CBD or any other nutritional supplement.  CBD can affect the way certain medications work in your body!  It’s important to make sure CBD is safe to take with your medication(s).  *****

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Click Here to buy High Quality CBD Hemp Oil from the most Trusted CBD Source

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